When it comes to painting the outside of your home, choosing what color you will use is a decision that should not be taken lightly. While the inside of your home might have a lot more to do with your personal tastes and color preferences, there is a lot more to consider for the exterior of your home. If you end up choosing a color that you don’t like, it can be difficult and expensive to re-paint. So before you dive in, consider these tips for how to choose exterior paint colors for your house. 

Consider Your Home’s Style

The style of your home’s exterior can give you some guidance when it comes to how to choose exterior paint colors for your house. Certain colors may not look right on specific architectural styles. For example, really bold colors may seem out of place on a Victorian style house and pastels may not be the best choice for a ranch-style home. Also if there are elements to your home that cannot be changed, such as roof shingles, stonework, or pathways, be sure the colors complement each other. Do some research for photos of home’s in the same style as yours to see what you think looks good on other similar homes. 

Use Your Neighborhood for Guidance 

Not that you need to “copycat” your neighbors, but taking a stroll around your neighborhood and making note of what other people’s homes look like can help you get off on the right foot. For one, your home may look out of place if it ends up in a radically different color palette than the surrounding homes. Additionally, you might see a home that looks similar to yours with a paint job that you absolutely love. So, maybe you will want to “copycat”! 

Don’t Focus Too Much On Current Trends

When it comes to knowing how to choose exterior paint colors for your house, try not to get caught up in the trendy colors of the moment. Things like sofas, dishware, and even interior paint colors are easier to change with the times, but the exterior of your home is another story. Just because gray is a trendy color right now, that doesn’t mean in 5 years you will still think that. Try to focus more on what actually looks good with your home’s style and surroundings. 

Choose Several Paint Shades

Painting the exterior of your home requires more than just one color. Generally, the exterior color scheme is made up of three major parts: field color (the dominant color), accent color (for doors, shutters, and other small areas), and trim color (for window and door casings, railings, and roof edging). You will most likely want the trim color to contrast with the field color, but some homes look better with more of a monochromatic theme. Just remember not to go too overboard and make sure each color used compliments the others. 

Test Out Paint Samples

Exterior paint colors can vary quite a bit from how they appear on the chip. With exterior home painting being such a big undertaking, you want to get it right the first time. Don’t be afraid to test out paint on an inconspicuous area of your home’s exterior. Once it is dry, look at it during various times of day and in different lighting conditions. This will help you see how it looks once it is in action and decide if you’re ready to commit to that color. If not, keep testing until you find the right shade!

Hire Exterior Residential Painters

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