Silicone roof coatings are flexible, seamless membranes, that act as a second roof. It completely covers your existing roof, fortifying it, protecting it, and greatly increasing the lifespan of your roof. Silicone is waterproof and long-lasting, ensuring you will be benefiting from this investment for years to come.

Zenith Painting & Coatings is a Colorado native. We know all about the late spring hail storms and heavy snowfall. From this experience, we know that the investment of a commercial or residential roof coating system can save you thousands of dollars down the line.

Why do we need a roof coating system in Colorado?

Colorado’s sunny days may be your roofs worst nightmare! The Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation boasts on its website, “Metro Denver has 300 sunny days a year.” This constant exposure to UV radiation is incredibly detrimental to a roof’s health. These rays slowly destroy the outer layers of roofing, making them brittle and unstable. This can result in costly structural damage requiring advanced repairs.

Additionally, Colorado is ranked as the 10th highest state for the average number of properties damaged by hail. Hail can quickly cause extensive damage to roofing, especially roofing that is old and has been exposed to years of sunlight. For these reasons, it is crucial for Coloradans to constantly consider the condition of their roof systems.

Roof Coating Options

There are a number of roof coating systems on the market but we only offer the strongest treatments. In the past, Acrylic roof coatings dominated the market, now, they have become known for being chalky and discolored over time. Silicone coatings can stand up to UV rays without degrading, chalking, or cracking over time. This is the reason we stand behind our silicon coating systems 100%!

Benefits of a Roof Coating System

Waterproof– Our silicon coating system provides water-resistant protection and prevents damage to your facility and equipment.

Hail Protection– The coating system will protect your roof by deflecting hail and sealing the open spaces in the roof.

Sun Damage- As stated above, a silicon coating system can block and reflect the damaging sun rays away from your roof. This will keep your roof hydrated and will prevent dry patches and cracks.

Eco-friendly– By essentially shielding your building from the sun’s heat, this silicone coating can reduce energy use by as much as 35%.

Cost Effective– Buying a new roof and having it installed is expensive. Installing a roof coating system is much more affordable and can add 10+ years to your existing roof!

At Zenith Painting & Coatings, we are Denver’s roof coating experts! We have a long-standing A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and maintain positive member statuses with several business organizations throughout the Front Range.  

All of our team members are licensed and experienced. We also have a local office with people answering all of your painting and coating questions. Give us a call at (720) 855-7019 today!