When a home improvement project is in the planning stages and you are trying to navigate through industry terms, it can be intimidating and confusing. At the same time, it’s important for you as a homeowner to know what is going on and what the company you are working with has to offer.

At Zenith Painting and Coatings, we are committed to customer service and we will be there to walk you through our painting process, step by step. If you are thinking about calling to schedule a consultation for a painting project, we have compiled a list of standard industry terms to know beforehand, so you can be in the loop and know exactly what is going on!

Painting Terminology


Acrylic – Water based paint known to be long lasting, shiny, and easy to apply.

Adhesion – The paint’s ability to bind to the surface that it was applied on.

Base Coat – Will help cover existing color and increase the new paint’s adherence to the surface.

Catalyst – Additive that will make paint dry faster and result in a glossy finish.

Color Wheel – If you haven’t picked your colors yet, using a color wheel will help you determine which colors compliment each other.

Depth – A term used to define color and it will help when trying to find colors to have together in the same room.

Eggshell – Paint that is between a matte finish and shiny finish.

Glaze/Gloss – High shine coating.

Masking – Taping off areas so the paint doesn’t bleed or drip.

Neutral Colors – This could mean white, off-white, tan, beige, and grays.

Primer – Applied first to cover old paint so the new paint color isn’t affected by the old pigment.

Stripping – When old paint or varnish is removed beforehand.

Varnish – A thick top coat that will protect your paint and add shine.

At Zenith Painting and Coatings, you will be included throughout the processes and we will make sure you are able to make informed decisions about your home improvement project. Call us today at 800-381-4601 to schedule a consultation and we can start working on this exciting new step together!