Epoxy Floor Coating Systems have become increasingly popular in the last decade. Unfortunately, their newfound popularity has brought about a deluge of misinformation. This has resulted in many consumers developing misconceptions about the applications and value of epoxy as a floor coating. In order to address these fallacies, we have selected some of the most common misunderstandings about epoxy in order to debunk them.


“Epoxy flooring doesn’t last”



Properly installed epoxy floor finishes can last for many years with little need for maintenance. This flooring solution is durable and strong, even capable of enduring years of heavy vehicular traffic. Epoxy flooring is commonly used in many commercial and manufacturing sites specifically because it is one of the toughest flooring solutions on the market. The key to long a lasting epoxy coating is to do your research and hire epoxy coating professionals who know how to get the job done right.




“Garage floors are not meant to be appealing”




The first problem with this misconception is that an entire home should be aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable. Additionally, a finished garage floor can be the deciding factor when considering two similar properties. For purchasers who are interested in using the garage as a workspace, epoxy flooring is an incredibly valuable addition that can make the garage a home’s primary asset. Finally, beyond the visual appeal of epoxy, it seals the garage floor and prevents wear and tear. This means less money will need to be spent on maintenance over the lifetime of the home.




“Epoxy is slippery”




Epoxy floors are actually relatively skid resistant and less slippery than most other smooth surfaces. Only oil-covered epoxy flooring is inherently slick while all other floor finishes actually provide great traction. Additionally, textured epoxy flooring solutions are available and these floors remain skid resistant even when wet.



“It’s too expensive”




While it is true that epoxy flooring can be more expensive than some alternatives, it is cost effective and a longer lasting solution. Other flooring solutions require costly maintenance and repairs that results in more expenses in the long run. Additionally, a complete DIY epoxy project can cost less than $500 when done by an experienced floorer. Epoxy flooring is not prohibitively expensive by any means, and results in greater long term value than its competitors.




“It’s too much work”




This statement is just downright false. Adding an Epoxy flooring is easy enough for a moderately experienced homeowner to attempt alone. Installing epoxy flooring is a simple three step process. First, the pre-existing floor must be thoroughly cleaned and prepped. This can be done with a broom or leaf blower followed by a citric acid and concrete etch solution to enable proper binding. Next, the epoxy is applied evenly over the surface. This can be done with a standard paint roller. Finally, wait for the epoxy to dry. Simple as that.



Epoxy flooring solutions are in vogue because of their versatility and strength. Many of the cons associated with epoxy flooring are entirely false and is the result of a lack of proper research. At Zenith Painting & Coatings, we are industry leaders in epoxy flooring solutions and possess custom designs and features made to match your every need. Call us today for an appraisal and we can have your floors renovated in no time!