Most of the damage a roof endures is progressive and incremental. It can be easy to ignore the signs of an aging and leaky roof until it’s too late. A leaking or damaged roof will expose the property to rain, snow, and extreme weather. Throughout the year, a roof endures untold damage. Being constantly exposed to the powerful forces of Mother Nature can cause deterioration and more severe issues may arise over time.

At Zenith Painting and Coatings, we are here to help you protect your property! Below are some helpful tips for finding leaks and getting them fixed before they cause permanent damage to your roof.

Here are a few important places to check when looking for roof damage or leaks:

Flashings– Flashings are the transitional building materials used between the different elements of a roof. In short, flashings hold the roof together. Looking for cracks along these flashings are crucial. This can help point out where the issues are.

Dry Mini Lake Beds- Water tends to pond in low spots in a flat roof. You will see evidence of these areas by looking for concentric rings of dirt as the puddles dry out. Pay special attention here for any noticeable holes or cracks in the roof.

Seams- Any seam in the roofing material is considered a weak spot and therefore a natural place to find a leak.

If you notice any of these signs, it means your roof may be in need of inspection and repairs. If you notice the appearance of any of these signs, we recommend you contact us immediately.

In addition to a standard inspection and referrals to trusted roofing professionals, at Zenith Painting & Coatings we offer Gaco Roof Coating Systems. This technology adds another layer of protection to your flat roofing system, defending it against hail and intense weather. This extra layer of protection can, in some cases, fix an otherwise devastating issue without having to do a full replacement.

If you’ve noticed a leak in your roof – Recoat, don’t Replace!

Call Zenith Painting and Coatings at (720) 855-7019 today to schedule a roofing inspection and receive a free Roof Coating quote. Our commercial and residential roof coating systems will protect your roof from harsh weather and is more cost effective than replacing your roof.