Colorado’s housing market is experiencing record growth while a stable economy and laid back culture continue to attract a young, vibrant demographic to the state. Metro Denver Real Estate has been affected by these demographic shifts, causing prices to soar. The influx of demand has resulted an increase of opportunities for landlords and property managers to boost the value of their rentals. This has created fierce competition in the housing market with properties across the front range being updated and renovated to accommodate this booming trend. Residential and commercial projects can greatly increase the value of a property and in a hot market, these updates quickly pay for themselves. Attentive contractors are noticing the demand for quality renovations but none of them can offer the same incredible service and attention to detail that we have here at Zenith Painting and Coatings.

Commercial Painting

Updating a property is meant to attract new tenants while retaining the current residents. This can be difficult as some renovations are too expensive to be funded with the current price of rent, and a dramatic spike in rent can result in tenants leaving. It is important to find a balance where property value can be increased while using minimal capital investment. That’s why residential and commercial painting is a valuable renovation for landlords and property managers. A fresh coat of paint can transform a property and update the entire aesthetic immediately with minimal disruptions. Our trained and licensed painters are experts who excel at their craft. Zenith professionals will ensure your property is painted with the care and attention to detail that attracts tenants by the dozens!

Commercial Flooring

One of the first things prospective tenants notice about a rental is the flooring. Nothing dates a property like old, deteriorating flooring that foresees the inevitable renovation. The flooring industry has taken progressive steps in floor coating materials and application techniques, that dramatically reduce the expense of residential and commercial flooring projects. At Zenith Painting and Coatings, we offer a variety of industry leading materials and finishes along with professionals that can help you select a flooring solution that suits your unique needs.

Commercial Roofing

The roof is often the final point of inspection when deciding on a rental. A well maintained roof indicates that the property managers cares about their tenant’s comfort and safety. A drooping, shedding, or otherwise decrepit roof can be a dealbreaker for tenants. Roofing also plays a large role in appraisals capable of creating a 75% return on investment in addition to the increased curb appeal.

In a competitive market, the details are key to ensure positive results and profits. In order to take advantage of the great opportunities currently available in Denver real estate, it is essential to invest in your property. Painting, roofing and flooring are three simple projects that can greatly increase your property value as well as the amount tenant will pay in rental costs. At Zenith Painting and Coating, we have the experience and dedication to make sure your project is completed to industry standards.