In the last decade, we have seen countless business claim to be “going green.” But what does this mean? And how can a business reverse course and jump on the green bandwagon?

The good news is, there are many small steps companies can make which will decrease their carbon footprint. According to the Environment Protection Agency, there is little doubt that environmental issues will alter the market in the near future. They have also said, that companies who are already considered “energy-efficient” will be better equipped to handle these changes.

As an added benefit, many green solutions can actually save your company money in the long run! Whether the money comes from green tax write-offs or its the money saved from using more energy efficient technologies, becoming more economically friendly will surely help your company in the coming years.

Here are 5 steps to help your business save money and go green!

1) Make the switch from standard incandescent to LED bulbs
Though CFL and LED lights are more expensive to purchase, they have a significantly longer lifespan and use much less energy than a standard incandescent bulb.

2) Eliminate plastics from the office space
Get rid of plastics and switch to reusable products. Plastic products companies should try to eliminate include: water bottles, dishes, tableware, and cups. Once your company can eliminate the need for plastics, it will save money and seriously cut down the amount of garbage your office produces!

3) Recycle
In addition to standard recycling, think green when buying or replacing items. Consider purchasing glass and other reusable materials.

4) Go paperless
In this day-in-age, paper documents are essentially useless. Thanks to the internet and email, there are so many ways to send, receive, and file documents. It will also save your company when it comes to buying ink and paper for the printer!

5) Seal your roof with a roof coating system
Unfortunately, the disposal of roofing products, which mainly consists of tar and rubber, fills up 15% of landfills and poses as a global environmental issue. In fact, roof waste is expected to fill 60% of landfill space by the year 2028.

In most cases, Zenith has the ability to repair the existing damage to the roof and seal the entire surface with a commercial roof coating system. This will save your company upwards of 60–70% of the cost to remove & replace an entire roof. The roof will also become more reflective and retain less heat which will reduce the heat inside your building, thus minimizing the use of AC units during the warm seasons.

Increased awareness of energy consumption has prompted many energy companies to offer energy credits and rebates. Check with your local utility provider to see if your building qualifies!

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