When moving into a new home, there are a lot of exciting interior design decisions to make! You have to decide whether to buy new furniture or keep your old set, if you should invest in lighting fixtures or keep the ones that came with the home, and you have to choose a new color palette of paint to tie it all together. Choosing a color palette for interior paints may seem intimidating, but below we have some simple steps to help guide you through the process.

Color Palette Guide


Tip #1 Decide The Mood You Want For To Set For Each Room

During the process of choosing paint colors for a room, you have to decide the mood you are trying to accomplish. Are you looking for a relaxing and calming space? Or more of an energetic vibe? Often times choosing green and blue paint will evoke a sense of calm, red paint will incite passion, and yellow or orange paint will make you feel bright and energized. By planning a room based on the mood, can help your home feel warm and welcoming with interior paint.

Tip #2 Use A Color Wheel

When deciding on paint colors that will compliment a room and the decor, it is useful to refer to a color wheel. Color wheels will help show you what paint colors match and what paint colors will be conflicting when paired together.  

Tip #3 Choose a Room’s Color Palette Based Off The Most Prominent Pattern

Do you have a favorite rug that you just can’t let go of but it has screaming colors that demand to be noticed? Instead of toning it down, let it become the inspiration of the room. Take out one of it’s loud colors to become the color on the accent wall and you’ll see that it can really tie a room together!

Tip # 4 Use A Common Neutral Throughout Your Home

Whether you choose a white, cream, or grey paint color, try using the same set of neutrals throughout your home. This will help tie rooms together without having to choose the same dominant paint colors to accent all over the house.

Tip # 5 Never Have More Than Three Colors In Each Room

This is what we call the rule of threes. Adding too much color to the walls can be overwhelming and ultimately confusing when trying to set a mood. Try focusing on an bold accent color, a neutral, and if you feel like you need an extra pop, choose a paint color to help highlight your accent wall.

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