To suffer from a flooded basement, whether it is caused by nature or a sewer line break, can be a disaster. It’s an unfortunate issue that hundreds of homeowners deal with everyday, especially with the arrivals of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. It causes damage to your home and may lead to a loss of sentimental keepsake stored in your basement. But there are ways to limit the damage and to combat relentless flooding.

Preventative Plumbing Maintenance

Having regular plumbing maintenance will help prevent flooding by allowing professionals to see if your plumbing pipes are getting blocked or backed up over time. A professional plumber will be able to check all of your main lines and sewer lines, to ensure that your home is not suffering from any hidden plumbing issues. This is a reassuring step to know that you won’t have unexpected backups in the near future. By having a Zenith professional assess your basement, we can determine signs of water damage or instability in your walls and concrete floors.

Install a Drain

If you have a drain placed in your basement floor, it will carry the water away from your house before it has a chance to severely flood your basement. The best option is to call a plumber to inquire about how installing a drain can help save you time and money in long run. After installing a drain, a Zenith flooring professional will be able to suggest flooring options that can withstand flooding and water damage.

Clean and Extend Roof Gutters

When your gutters begin to back up with leaves and debris, they can cause excess water to spill over and sit around the foundation of your home. If your home has egress windows or foundational cracks, the sitting water can find its way into the walls and eventually into your basement. Besides for getting your gutters cleaned, it is also a good idea to have your gutters extended a couple feet away from your home so the flow of water can drain easily in the direction of the street.

Coated Cement Floors

Carpeting can be a huge problem in the event of a flood. Carpeting will not only be completely ruined but it will also attract mildew and bacteria, which makes cleaning up a long and dangerous process. Many people are choosing an alternative in basement flooring that is more conducive to clean up, cement flooring. By installing cement floor instead of carpet, you can have an easy clean up in the event of a flood and it will never have to be replaced! In fact, Zenith’s professional flooring team has many options for sprucing up cement floors using polishing techniques and epoxy flooring finishes while maintaining durability. 

If you are looking to make the switch from carpet to cement, give us a call today! At Zenith Painting & Coatings, we specialize in cement flooring and we add a epoxy flooring finishes that will leave your floors shiny and aesthetically pleasing without compromising durability. You will never again have to worry about ripping out dirty carpet after a flood and your flooring will be protected for years to come. Visit our gallery so you can see for yourself why so many people are making the switch today!