Did you realize that floor coverings frequently fail due to undetected moisture in the underlying concrete? If you are a home or business owner it is important to understand the ins and outs of concrete and what you can do to protect your floors, furnishings, and foundation.

Why invest in Moisture Mitigation?

It is common knowledge that you can’t build a long-lasting structure on a weak foundation. When too much moisture is present in concrete it cannot settle correctly. This residual moisture can compromise the integrity of your structure, from the ceiling to the floor. Vapor transmission is particularly an issue for overlayed flooring. The presence of moisture can cause:

  • Bubbled, delaminated coatings or toppings
  • Soft or re-emulsified adhesives
  • Curled or cracked tile floors
  • Carpets that develop mold and mildew, discolor and release odor
  • Wood floors that buckle or warp

How can these issues be prevented?

At Zenith Painting and Coatings, we use In-situ probes to test all of our clients concrete before project completion. In-situ probes were developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and have been proven to be more reliable than the old standard of anhydrous calcium chloride testing. It is crucial for all property owners to have their concrete tested by a licensed and experienced professional.

What is the testing procedure?

In-situ testing involves placing a probe within the concrete itself and installation are relatively simple if the professional has been trained properly. It is a quick 5 step process that can be done in a confined space so it doesn’t interfere with other work.

  1. Drill a hole to reach 40% depth of the concrete.
  2. Clean the hole and surrounding area.
  3. Insert the testing sensor into the hole.
  4. Write down the readings being pulled by the sensor to evaluate.
  5. Once the sensor is removed, a holding pin will be inserted and the concrete will be patched with a specialized compound.

Moisture mitigation testing is important before committing to any floor application. It will also ensure that the proper protection is applied to new flooring before moisture has the chance to cause damage.

What happens if excess humidity is detected?

At Zenith Painting and Coating we specialize in moisture mitigation. We have three different systems that have proven themselves to be effective and will not hold up construction. These systems include:

ARDEX MC RAPID– This moisture vapor retarder is formulated for use over concrete and can mitigate moisture conditions up to 100% RH and a pH of up to 14.

ARDEX VR 95– This is a primed, one-component, water-based, two-coat system produced to suppress residual moisture in new concrete with RH readings up to 95%.

Epoxy Floor Coating– Epoxy flooring is durable and will protect your concrete for many years without the need to worry about moisture damage.

Reach out to us today to find out how you can protect your floors for life!

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